Our Story - 2020 Chihuahua Collection & Ms. Wilma

The Story of our 2020 Chihuahua Collection is really the story of a wonderful lady and valued member of the iPersonalyze Team named Ms. Wilma Howell.  Chihuahua's were Ms. Wilma's passion and every Skype call with Ms. Wilma would inevitably also include one of her three chihuahuas.  A brilliant woman with not only 35 years worth of software development wisdom, she was also a dedicated and meticulous software architect.  In mid November Ms. Wilma finally passed away and is no longer suffering the debilitating pain.  We are so sad to lose her, but so grateful she is no longer suffering.

So Ms. Wilma our love of you and your love of Chihuahua's have inspired the iPersonalyze Team to honor and dedicate this 2020 Chihuahua Collection to your loving memory and to your love of all things Chihuahua.

You will be missed Ms. Wilma.  Godspeed....and God bless.

The iPersonalyze Team


The iPersonalyze Team sincerely hopes you will share  your love of Chihuahuas and be inspired by our Ms. Wilma who loved to say "I'm Alive!.  We also hope our 2020 Chihuahua Collection will bring smiles of love, peace and happiness to you and your beloved ones.

By the way, Homemade Christmas Love is offering for a limited time free shipping for early bird shoppers.  This is our way of saying

Thank you and Merry Christmas! 

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