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About Homemade Christmas Love

The Story of Ms. Wilma Howell

Years ago when Homemade Christmas Love was starting out, we were blessed to work with a woman named Ms. Wilma Howell. She had a smile that would light up a room(much like a Christmas Tree), and she loved to sing. She was a wonderful woman, with a wonderful heart.

She was a very special person, and she taught us all about being generous and kind.

Unfortunately, like most of the incredible people we are blessed to meet in this life, we lost Wilma too soon. She became ill & in her last days she taught us another lesson:

She taught us about bravery. About courage

Though she was frequently in severe pain, when we would ask Wilma how she was holding up, the response was always the same:


We lost Wilma in 2020.
A loss that still reverborates deep within our hearts.

Today, we carry on the tradition of Homemade Christmas Love that Wilma started, to honor both her & her dear mother Edna. Edna was (and is) an important member of the HCL team. In the early years she was always there in the background, cheering Wilma & giggling at our jokes.

She would help us get back up when something didn't work out the way we expected. Her encouragement was critically important to our growth and success as a company.

Ms. Wilma taught us how to live. She showed us that every day is a gift - and each ornament we sell, every shirt, hoodie, doll - you name it - every item that leaves our factory, we expect to be wrapped and presented to a loved one. These gifts are more than just "things" - they are reminders.

They honor the memory of Wilma
They honor her dear mother, Edna.
They honor your loved ones as well.

This is why we do what we do

Thank you for sharing this beautiful tradition with us, and for allowing us to serve you, and help you make memories with the most important ones in your life as well.

Much Love,
- The Homemade Christmas Love Team

There are many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand. But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my had.

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