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Country Fruit Glass Cutting Board

Country Fruit Glass Cutting Board

$ 79.84


Our unique Tempered Glass cutting boards are antibacterial, shatter resistant and can be used with all food types. Cut vegetables, shrimp or beef then toss the board into the dishwasher for safe, easy clean up. When they’re not busy preparing the daily meal, these beautiful cutting boards will be displayed as kitchen décor, not put away in a drawer.

These tempered glass cutting boards are incredibly durable! We permanently imprint the image on the back of the cutting board to protect it from your knife. This image is visible through the glass. Your image will not peel or scratch. In addition, our boards are shatter resistant, dishwasher safe and antibacterial. Each board is equipped with 4 feet on the back to protect your table or counter top.

Dimensions: 12"x15"

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